Ninja Soul Copper Hack ( Money Cheat ) 2012

Ipinaskil ni djcharrymixradio Sabado, Marso 24, 2012

a few minutes ago , i found something interested game,Ninja Soul and now i am trying to do some or even a little dirty hacks for this. for now enjoy what i've got. 
tools :
Cheat Engine
Browser ( Mozille i recommend to use mozilla firefox because it has only one plug-in that's why you don't have to do an speed test to know whether your choosen process is correct. )

Procedures :

1. open your game as well as the C.E
2. Choose the process ( plug-in if you use firefox )
3. scan your current copper ( money )
4. as you see there will be one  alphanmumeric characters appeared on the left side.
5. double click or just hi-lighted it and click the red arrow.
6. now change the value to 50000
7. freeze the value.
8. go to practice battle and fight one
9. after the fight you will get back to the street, now look at your copper amount!! 

8 (mga) komento

  1. gopat Said,

    permanent ?

    Posted on Marso 28, 2012 nang 11:58 PM

  2. Looser Said,

    can you video the actual cheat u made?? please sir :(

    Posted on Marso 29, 2012 nang 1:39 AM

  3. not working

    Posted on Mayo 19, 2012 nang 1:42 AM

  4. dedy seramo Said,

    not working on cheat engine 5.6.1

    Posted on Hunyo 21, 2012 nang 8:18 AM

  5. Not working dud!

    Posted on Agosto 25, 2012 nang 2:22 PM

  6. how to download the ce

    Posted on Disyembre 14, 2012 nang 11:04 AM

  7. I know this cheat..but alas.... no Permanent..hmm

    Posted on Disyembre 31, 2012 nang 9:02 PM

  8. Shaco Sparda Said,

    Guys this work....BUT!!! You can hack Copp but you cant use that Copp if you have 10000 Copp and when you hack you will have 999999 when you try to buy something you cant then be ''reolade error'' just can see 999999 not buy... :) Have fun ;)

    Posted on Hunyo 19, 2013 nang 12:24 PM


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